Plus. Definitely plus.

ClearBlue preggers test kit showing positive, forshizz

First thoughts that ran through my head:

  • NO PERIOD FOR AT LEAST 8 MONTHS! White hot pants, here I come…
  • Oooohhhh… so that’s why I got all emo yesterday. Huh.
  • Oh lord… (helpless giggles)… you’re kidding me, right? (guffaw)
  • I’m giggling like an idiot. That’s probably a good sign.
  • Oh crap. I had soft cheese AND a glass of white wine AND salmon sashimi this week.
  • It’s okay. Japanese women have healthy babies.

First thoughts that ran through Tony’s head:

  • Is that pee stick broken?
  • We have to buy a cot.
  • We have to buy a cot.
  • We have to buy a cot.
  • (smile)

Suddenly, my entire perspective has changed even though my body feels no less bloated from yesterday. I get news about a friend’s pregnancy, and wear a secret smile. I’m sussing out maternity fashion tips with each passing pregnant (or huggable) woman. Baby aisles now have relevance.

We’re torn between telling everyone and doing the sensible thing and keeping it very quiet until the danger zone (read: >12 weeks) has passed. Meanwhile, I’m already determined to buy funny T-shirts online.

We ran to the pharmacy this afternoon and got ourselves a motherlode of Elevit and another pregnancy test. And yes, there it was again. To borrow a leaf from Juno’s scriptbook… that blue cross is so holy.

Is there a chance this won’t eventuate? Of course. I can hear the Voice of Reason shouting at everyone else in my brain to pipe down and get to the doctor’s first. My mother arrives on Tuesday for a two-week stay. NOT telling her is going to be as fun as finally telling her.

Scary and a lot of fun. Happy Halloween!