when you buy private health insurance, is how gypped you could be compared to someone depending on public health care.

Went to my private health insurer today, and despite having paid for obstetrics since I first took up the policy in 2005, I’m now learning that the extra insurance doesn’t get to cover a swag of other services.

In summary:

  • Anything to do with the hospital: Medicare, to a point.
  • Hospital accommodation, operating theatre, nursing etc: Private health insurance
  • Anything outside of the hospital like your obstetrician: Medicare only. Private health insurance companies are NOT ALLOWED to cover you for doctor’s fees, under the law.

I’m probably over-simplifying things, but we did a rough guesstimate and it seems that if we were opt for private healthcare, we’ll be out of pocket by $5k. Most of which has to do with the antenatal and the obstetrician fees.

Sucked in?