This pregnancy is turning out a little textbook, as far as Week 6 is concerned.

Week 5 day 6 – no nausea

Week 5 day 7 – no nausea

Week 6 day 1 – Hello.

Another colleague on my floor announced her baby news on Tuesday, which didn’t quite surprise me because I once saw her make her quick escape to the bathroom. The escape was followed closely by noises that sounded rather green. Yes. Nausea is challenging at the best of times, but then it adds this other level of complexity when you have back to back meetings, and your nausea sets in from 3.00pm to dinner time.

I’ve been told  ginger biscuits do the trick. I’m not sure Chinese Singaporeans do ginger biscuits, when it comes to combating nausea. Sour plums are more our thing, and today I was so desperate for something sour to suck on, I cancelled a phone meeting so that I could nip out in between my other meetings to get a bagload of killer-sour lollies.

Verdict: Skittles (sour) and those sour teddy gummy bears? Great for two seconds a pop, and then it’s just sugar. Chinese plums rock.