Lots of thoughts swirling around the head today, particularly after I heard about someone’s near death-at-childbirth, and subsequent hysterectomy. She’s only young, too.

It got me thinking about lots of things, like unconditional love, and family planning, and the futility of thinking we can ever  plan anything, really. It also got me thinking about the sex of Blob. I keep trying to imagine Future Offspring as either a boy or a girl and I don’t feel crazy-hopeful about one over the other. Most pregnant women I’ve met seem to really root for having their first be a girl rather than a boy, although they’re invariably pleased anyway if it turns out the other way around. But I’ve been trying to figure out if I cared deeply either way, and I really think I don’t. Not yet, anyway.

Right now, I’d just be thankful if Blob makes it past week 12.

And that I’d be alive to meet him or her.