Okay, so Canberra is the absolute nadir of maternity fashion. Seriously.

I just spent about 3 hours scouring shops for comfy-but-chic work clothes (thinking ahead here…), and am left with the following conclusions.

  • Ratio of baby to expectant-mother paraphernalia – 8 kabillion to 1
  • If you’re pregnant and want to buy lovely clothes for yourself, you’ve got a better chance of wearing a size 14 dress or a Sheridan bedsheet. (1,000 threadcount. Comfy.)
  • Great kitten heels that don’t look daggy: Diana Ferrari. (Okay, so it’s not all bad.)

I also had a squiz at other maternity blogs that use the phrase “yummy mummy”. Chanced upon this one, and now realise that I do NOT qualify as being a yummy mummy because I don’t spend anywhere near enough dollars on “high end fashion and shoes”. Tony probably thinks this is debatable, but as I’ve just discussed – we live in Canberra. There ain’t any high-end fashion and shoes to swing a cat at.

So now I’m wondering what else rhymes with Mummy.