From memory, I think there’s only a single photo of my mum while she was heavily pregnant with me. It was in the seventies, she was wearing a very seventies top with very seventies glasses on. And I absolutely love it because it completely dates the moment, and she’s my mum so you’re not allowed to poke fun at her.

I know lots of women who take photos of their baby bellies at the end of each week. I should probably start at some point except right now, I think my belly is about 99% newfound gluttony, 1% Uterus and Baby. In other words, the expanding waistline just doesn’t feel all-baby yet, so I feel like such a cheater…

It used to be just wedding photos, and maybe some professional family snaps when your children are old enough to know how to grin on cue. Nowadays, there’s all the in-between stuff. The pregnancy professional photography for the formal announcement. The after-birth professional photography with the breastfeeding. On a related note – in the seven years I’ve lived in Canberra, I’ve seen more women’s boobs than I care to admit – thanks to Australia’s teeny-bopper fashion, the emerging trend of breastfeeding in the great outdoors, and a couple of pregnancy photo portfolios.  

My generation has definitely gone loud and proud – and native. We’re hanging it all out there. (Quite literally.) Frankly, I’m not sure what to make of it. Motherhood’s awesome and pregnancy isn’t a dirty word, yes yes. But ever since Demi Moore did that cover on Vanity Fair, I think we’ve all decided that pregnant should be sexy AND public. And lemme just say… the Pregnant You may knock the sox off your hubby, but I really don’t need to know.

Check out these awesomely awkward pregnancy announcement pics to get what I mean. And rest assured that I won’t ever do that to you.