Today’s our 6th wedding anniversary. They say it’s the Iron year, which means Tony and I promptly went and bought each other anything but.

I had procured my love a watch, only to discover later that David Jones had left the price tag on, wrapped it as a Christmas present even though I’d left instructions, and had given me a dud with a flat battery. Tony’s surprise delivery to me was indeed surprising – it never came. He later found out that the lovely people at the hamper place had not couriered it like he had thought, but had sent it by Australia Post. Who currently “don’t know where it is”.

We celebrated our anniversary last night at the Hotel Realm, where they gave us HALF a dessert platter…

Half a dessert platter
If you look closely, you can JUST make out where they had cut the chocolate ganache tart on the plate.

… and made up for it by giving us two bottles of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial champagne instead of one. We’re cracking those babies open once Blob is Born.

To top it off, our little flat has finally gone to market today. The ad sounds great – includes the lovely USP of it having “quality curtains and blinds throughout”. Except the photos that accompany our ad are of someone else’s apartment. Which is the mirror image of ours. In a different block. And the windows are as nekkid as a newborn’s bottom.

All we can do is laugh, really. It’s been a slightly bizarre 24 hours for Canberra’s customer service.

On a more cheerful note, I’ve had a bit of fun today with T-shirt transfers. The last one I did was an illustration of a skinny man ironing his own work shirt, with the caption “My idea of an Iron Man”. Tony didn’t think it was that funny, but I loved it because I hate ironing, and he has no idea what a blessing it is to marry a man who is already house-broken.

Today’s creation is a little more relevant to this forum.

I drank the water
Even more hyuk-hyuk if you realise where I work

Am I excited about Monday? Just a touch.