750ml of water (thereabouts), 3 tummy jiggles, 6 hip rotations, 1 deliberate cough, 2 visits to the toilet and 5 surreptitious lambada twirls later, you finally decided to roll over – stop mooning us – and settle down on your back so the nice ultrasound lady could take the following happy snap:

Blob at 13 weeks
Hand at your mouth, sorta waving...

Also, you’ve apparently time travelled and are now a whole week ahead. Which messes up mommy’s countdown timer something major.

You kick heaps. You have lovely long legs – you have both parents to thank for that. Your latest trick seems to be this hand-wave thing in front of your face. That’s good – practice for when you finally get out and realise the Australian sun shines freakishly bright. At this stage, you appear to have a flat nose. If that works out to be true come birth time, I do sincerely apologise. Your father has a magnificent grecian profile. I don’t.

You are alive, which is a relief considering how many people now know about you. You can fit in the palm of my hand, but for now I think you should just stay put and kick away. I made a lovely chicken and mushroom risotto for us tonight. I hope you like chilli.