We were originally planning to spend the day with various families but at quite the last minute, Tony decided on a road trip – just the 2.5 of us. We thus hopped into the car with too much food and not enough of an idea where we were going.

Spent almost three hours driving around aimlessly and admiring the spring/summer countryside until we chanced upon a picnic table facing the serene (and man-made) Lake Eucumbene, in Old Adaminaby. Elevation: 1,021m above sea level.

Picnic at Old Adaminaby
Absolute serenity, and only one sticky fly
Old Adaminaby
The original Adaminaby used to be where all that water is now. The entire town got relocated across to higher ground - houses and everything! Lake Eucumbene is part of the Snowy Hydro scheme.
Cows on our road
On a rare off-road detour, we came right into the path of some lunching moos.

Next Christmas, we’ll be 3. It’s a lovely, sobering thought.

P.S.: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… >6,000 minutes of mindless Sunnydale drama “for my confinement”. The man knows me!