We’re about to embark on the end-of-year sales and one of the things we were thinking seriously about purchasing was a dryer, because

  • Blob is going to be a winter baby, who will no doubt
  • spew and poo everywhere, and we will be
  • rather stuck for drying space – especially since the outdoor clothes rack tends to sit in the shadow during winter.

We saw a good Electrolux one at the Boxing Day sales, going for 60% of the RRP. Perfect, perfect, perfect… except on closer inspection of our laundry alcove, we discovered that

  • our washing machine is smaller than the dryer, which makes stacking a little precarious
  • some silly architect had designed it so the light was directly above the washing machine area, which meant having a tower of white goods was going to block out the light, and
  • same silly architect had put tiles up to above mid-wall, which meant the brackets to hold up the dryer – if we were to install them – would have to start from nth height. Which might mean that I’ll have to take aim and FLING wet clothes into the dryer.

Not exactly winning Best Ergonomic Design of the Year award there.


Edit – 29 December: We bought the dryer! Turned out that the washing machine wasn’t too small after all, which enabled us to stack. Hurrah! Fluffy towels are here to stay…