Fertility Friend has just introduced me to the world of yummy-mummy nappy bags, with enough pockets in each to tame even the most constipated compartmentalist.


I’ve add the links on the side, but in case you haven’t noticed…

  • isoki – edgier, trendier bags that look more Guess than Mothercare. Also reversible, so you can tell yourself you’re buying two bags for the price of one. Whatever gets you by.
  • OiOi – more classic styles with options for Daddy. Because not all of us can stand watching our manly man tote a lady-bag.

Bags are thankfully not my big thing, although some of their wares are very lovely. There’s even quite a few discreet options in OiOi that won’t embarrass the new father. I actually really liked the Stone Washed Canvas one, and it was an added bonus that it belonged to the Daddy range.

If my mother were a new mother today, I think this would be her Achilles heel. But if FF ever shoots through links for pretty maternity footwear, I might be done for.