Latest on the body changing front: Vericose Veins. On my wrists.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m typing too much on a non-ergonomic keyboard – it’s a likely explanation for sure. But my left wrist is quite throbby and I now have the most impressive bluey-green veins carving their way down the palm of my left hand like a groovy henna tattoo.

My ankles are a bit of a freak show, too. I guess it’s official: I have thin skin. Pale, tracing paper-thin skin that shows up every cobweb in pretty colours of red and purple and blue. It’s all that new blood, apparently. I am 20% bloodier. Chockers of life essence coursing through me and oh, my heart has apparently expanded too. I have a beeg heart.

Blob is looking less lizardy by the day, especially since the eyes are moving closer to the centre of the face. Also, we’ve developed some hearing! Which means Blob probably heard

  1. me screaming as I punched the air at the bit when David Helfgott walked out of the house to attend the Royal College of Music in the movie Shine (Tony got quite embarrassed. And we weren’t even in a cinema.)
  2. Tony yelling in anguish at his multiplayer game because someone with a cheat-hack thing kept killing him from impossible angles.

I have to remember to start singing more.