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14 January 2011

Bump check: Week 16

I’m finally past the Big Lunch belly and have embarked on the “Okay, she’s definitely carrying something under her blouse” road. The one refrain about my Week 16 pregnant state has been, “Omigosh, that is the tiniest baby bump!”

Which is a weird comment, really. Because if that bump were that tiny, you wouldn’t be able to see it. Just a thought.

Anyhoo. For the curious and the overseas, here’s what they’ve been talking about:

Week 16 bathroom shot
Note to self: Need more practice in those Japanese photo booths.
Week 16 after work shot
Yeah, that halter top is working hard. Cheesy grimace!

Tear and wear

Walked into a shop today because they had a rack of stretchy tunic/dress thingies that cost $38 each. Which is pretty darn affordable for brand new clothes in Canberra – especially when it can double up as a before-and-after maternity dress/top.

Except the sales lady spent the next ten minutes giving me the hard sell, before smirking as I scuttled out of the shop.

I’m glad I did scuttle, because I got the docket in the mail today, went and collected my parcel and lo and behold – my mother had gone nuts. In the best way possible.

Check out the goods:

maternity wear
Maternity wear. And wear. And wear. And wear!

I think my weekend agenda has just changed to: clean out wardrobe, hang up maternity clothes, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

In case you haven’t figured it out – thanks HEAPS, Mum!

Smash Rehash

So Tony and I finally had our ice-cream date this evening.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Cold Rock has finally opened a branch in Canberra – and it’s within walking distance of our house. For most Singaporeans, we’ve (ironically) enjoyed that Australian franchise for a few years now. But for Canberra, the idea of an ice creamery that allows you to smoosh Lotsa Fizz and Ferrero Rocher in your homemade, ice-cold Jaffa is still rather novel. The queue for Cold Rock all of December was ridiculous. Tonight, we decided to brave it and try it out once more.

Cold Rock’s tagline is: Choose it. Mix it. Smash it. Love it. The smashing part is probably the USP here – instead of merely sprinkling your topping(s) of choice, they smash up your topping (Skittles, Smarties, Kit Kat…) and mix it into your chosen ice cream, all done on a cold rock table. (Ah hah!)

Reason for this rather protracted introduction is the little girl beside  me, who decided she wanted everything rainbow. She wanted the rainbow ice cream. With rainbow sprinkles. And rainbow smarties. Anything that was multi-coloured made it to this wondrous cocktail of hers. I could only imagine what she must have thought she was getting – her favourite dessert, colour: JOY.

Until they started smashing it all in.

She was too short to see what was going on, but her excitement was palpable. So when they finally handed her the finished product – smashed and mixed lovingly – she looked like someone had just taken her favourite teddy bear and blended it in a Cuisinart along with yucky spinach.

Her ice-cream turned out a very decided purplish gray.

I know it’s cruel to laugh at children after their dreams have been crushed, but Tony and I spent the next ten minutes giggling to ourselves because it was just too funny.

Poor blob.

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