Walked into a shop today because they had a rack of stretchy tunic/dress thingies that cost $38 each. Which is pretty darn affordable for brand new clothes in Canberra – especially when it can double up as a before-and-after maternity dress/top.

Except the sales lady spent the next ten minutes giving me the hard sell, before smirking as I scuttled out of the shop.

I’m glad I did scuttle, because I got the docket in the mail today, went and collected my parcel and lo and behold – my mother had gone nuts. In the best way possible.

Check out the goods:

maternity wear
Maternity wear. And wear. And wear. And wear!

I think my weekend agenda has just changed to: clean out wardrobe, hang up maternity clothes, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

In case you haven’t figured it out – thanks HEAPS, Mum!