So either I had indigestion, or Blob blew me a few kisses two nights ago.

The quickening. It sounds like the title of an alien movie, and maybe it’s not too far off. It’s all about the First Hello, the pitter patter of whatever that tells you yes, you are not going insane. You are carrying someone else inside of you. It’s freaky groovy, and for me… it felt like a series of bubbles.

Perhaps Blob was practising blowing amniotic fluid out its tiny little nose. Perhaps it was lying back and having a stretch. Other freaky fact: my countdown timer now tells me that Blob is 25cm from head to toe. 25cm! That’s a Chihuahua! But it’s all rather confusing, because other websites liken Blob to a sweet potato. And either that’s a mutant potato, or something’s rather off with everyone’s calculations.

Also, other weird observation: those persistent bubbles happened real close to my left rib cage. I was expecting action from way lower. But I had a chat with YogaMate who’s been experiencing flutters for a couple of weeks now, and she said the baby goes where it wants to go. And it kicks whatever it wants to kick.