Let’s face it – baby gifts are really more for the mother than anyone else. The baby just wants a constant supply of milk and nappy changes between long stretches of comfy zzzzz, the daddy just wants his wife and baby not to be cranky.

But the mommy… she wants it all. Even if she’s practical, and knows it’s all gone commercial and ridiculous, and should really not covet that $325 cot linen set with the gormless giraffes.

If you’re stuck for ideas and want to give the perfect kick-ass present for that Special Mommy-friend in your life, consider these. I’m trying to grow my Mummy Guides so if you’ve got some gems that’d make this list, I’d love to hear about them. You’ll get an honourable mention – of course!

P.S.: This isn’t a gigantuan hint for myself, BTW. But if you – like me – are hunting around for something spesh for someone growing a someone, this might be useful.