The Versatile Blogger AwardOooh… some validation! And from a perfect stranger, no less! For there, sitting pretty in my inbox last night, was a WordPress comment about me winning a blogging award.

Comments from the rest of the household:

“Ooh! You’re a versatile bugger!”


“Oh. Blogger. Sorry. I misread.”

“So… where’s this award from?”

“I’m not sure. Someone named Simone liked my blog and gave it to me.”

“Right. So there’s no authority behind this award whatsoever?”

“I guess not.”

“Okay then.”

So yeah. As far as I can tell, this award is really more like a glorified meme than anything else. I mean, what does being a Versatile Blogger actually mean anyway? That I’m capable of writing silly across a spectacular myriad of topics? That I appeal to a wide spectrum of readers, or that I can blog in poetry and prose? I suspect it’s a title that’s genial enough to fit any blogger. Kinda like the Miss Congeniality category of a beauty pageant.

When I tried to track down the origins of the award, I came up with diddly squat – which led me to concur with the conclusions made by onefinemess. Still – I am completely chuffed that a complete stranger took the time to say that she likes what she’s read here. I mean, friends love me because they have to. But complete strangers owe me nothing.

So thank you, Simone! It’s an honour. :)

Anyhoo… in the spirit of accepting this award, I now have to tell you 7 things about myself.

  1. The last time I was awarded something as dubious-but-awesome was when I was dubbed The Chilli Queen, both in Secondary School and Junior College (school ages 13 to 18). I like it hawt.
  2. I was the sixth and last writer for a Muppet-type children’s show (same humour, same puppetry, different premise), but then the Asian recession hit and the entire joint evaporated before we got to sign the contract. Dodgy much?
  3. I am a chronic knuckle cracker. It soothes me. It grosses everyone else out.
  4. I’m Singaporean by nationality, but I’m completely torn between nations emotionally. I love Australia. I love the version of Singapore that I grew up with, but I find I am now a stranger to my country of origin. Its people, its essence has changed and this saddens me greatly.  But say anything nasty about my homeland, and I’ll rugby-tackle you.
  5. I’m vaguely interested in doing a degree in creative writing. Or a Masters in Communications. Or a course on theology.
  6. I’m vaguely interested in writing and publishing a novel, but I can’t decide which genre. A perverse part of me thinks it would be tremendously funny if I wrote a Mills & Boons, but I suspect I’m a bit of a snob.
  7. I was never clucky. My biological clock never went into overdrive. But I love being pregnant, and I’ve never loved and cherished Tony as much as I do now. Even if he thought it read “versatile bugger”.

And to pass on the love, here’s 13 bloggers – newly-discovered and old favourites. I was supposed to put 15 in, but I phail.