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8 May 2011

Happy Almost-Mother’s Day!

It appears that my husband got teased for no good reason today after worship… because there on my pillow this evening lay a card with very mushy words about being a wife and mother, and now I heart the man to even smaller bits. The man, he pays attention to the calendar after all.

I was just commenting to my MIL this morning how poetic it’d be to become a mother today, and voila! YogaMate surprised us all – and mostly herself – by becoming a Mommy on Mother’s Day to a beautiful baby girl. See, to time it so beautifully is just showing off now. I’m terribly happy for her, but I guess that means coffee after yoga this Saturday’s no longer on the cards. :)

It just goes to show that babies really will come when they are ready. NewFromMattel had hers start to come practically the moment she turned her Out of Office assistant on, and now YogaMate’s 3+ weeks early. On the other hand, there’s the 2-weeks-overdue wait for SmallFry… and that’s another kind of surprise, I suppose.

This motherhood gig is tough for control freaks, no?

I have no idea when the day of this birth will be. I think I look huge now, but really I’m still quite mobile compared to others as far along as I am. So maybe she’ll be on-time/slightly late. Or maybe I haven’t a clue. I’m planning to take 3 weeks off before my due date, and am hoping in that time to get the nursery truly in order… but who knows, eh? She might have other plans.

She might turn out to be a he, after all.

She might come super early. In the office. What a nightmare.

She might be right on time.

She might come super late.

She might come with a cleft lip

She might come with mental complications.

She might come OK.

I just hope I’m ready.

Austen would be proud

Baby shower 1Baby shower 13Baby shower 12Baby shower 11Baby shower 10Baby shower 9
Baby shower 6Baby shower 3Baby shower 2Baby shower 8Baby shower 7Baby shower 4

Baby Shower, a set on Flickr.

Baby shower! And yes, even though they didn’t tawk about being “in the family way” in those days  – for the mere suggestion alone that men and women got all kissy and stuff in the bedroom could lift the bonnet right off their heads – we went and had a Jane Austenesque shower anyhoo.

Had a gloriously chi-chi time of it at Mrs Jenning’s home. Very la-di-da, with actual drawing in drawing rooms and needlework! Very impressive show from Mrs Kirkpatrick, Mrs Jennings, Miss Rachael, Miss Laura and lil’ Miss Lily. These photos don’t do it justice, but it’s all I have for now…

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