Just got back from Arddun’s first Mother’s Group/Play Date! Okay, “Play Date” might be stretching it because it’s not like she sat on a play mat and networked with the other babes. No, she spent majority of the time sleeping, grizzling, feeding, getting her diaper changed, grizzling, checking out the stylistic decor, returning some milk from half hour ago on Mommy’s right sleeve. She evens that up 15 minutes later on the left sleeve. Very considerate.

Swimmingly well, all things considered. She is, after all, 19 days old.

No, the doofus of the afternoon was the Mommy, who did two silly things.

  • Left the milk bottle behind, which meant someone else now has to wash and dry it (and get over the fact that it still has drops of breast milk. Ew!)
  • Forget to eat.

The second is by far the stupider sin, because said Mommy had every opportunity to down a few slices of scrumptious cake and Rocky Road before Arddun decided to open her eyes and her stomach. But no. The Mommy got distracted, didn’t she. With all the feeding and the burping and the poo-control and the staring into Arddun’s Eyes of Infinite Depths.

And then she reaches home, and it’s 2pm, and the Mommy suddenly realises she’s famished. To the point of distraction.

So she raids the fridge and finds some leftover pork bone soup, and empties half the saucepan into a bowl, and races over to the microwave oven, and presses a whole bunch of buttons, and walks away to take piccies of Arddun because hey, she’s cute…

And then the soup explodes.

So the Mommy is caught in a quandary. Should she try and rescue the soup and start all over? Which means cleaning out the microwave oven? Or should she just cut her losses and drink the lukewarm soup?

The Mommy does both. It is the most pathetic sight, involving lots of paper towels and desperate slurping  in between. There is even a moment where she contemplates scraping post-explosion pork ribs into soup bowl but manages to hold back. Only at the very last moment.

Welcome to motherhood. It ain’t pretty. It’s a huge time suck. I wouldn’t have it any other way.