Hush-a-bye Arddun
On the tabletop
Mummy is wiping your
Dirty bot-bot
When Mummy’s finished
Arddun will smile
And that will make nappy-changing

Hush-a-bye Arddun
Crying so hard
Aren’t you so glad that
It’s not a leotard?
Give me two minutes
Maybe two more
And Mummy will have you
Clean like before

Hush-a-bye Arddun
Sounding so sad
When you scream thus, you make
Mummy feel bad
When Mummy’s anxious
She’s quite a klutz
Which makes nappy changing
Really a putz

Hush-a-bye Arddun
You Drama Queen
Screaming Blue Murder and
Making a scene
Thankfully for you
You’re kinda cute
Now shush while I button
Your baby suit

(And would you believe that singing this actually works sometimes? Desperate times, etc etc)