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This month, you

Unlearned how to sleep
Which meant we learnt the true meaning of Arsenic Hour
A misnomer really, because it’s more like Arsenic Half a Day
Record to date: 4:00pm to 1:00am. Practically non-stop.
Your lungs. They work.

Learned how to smile
And even how to laugh
Which made every gruelling moment shinier
Each giggle a punctuation that made sense of the loooong crying sentence

Grew out of 0000 clothes
And started wearing 000 clothes
And became Mommy’s clothes horse
Because man, clothes are CUTE when they’re tiny.
(And because 0000 clothes are mostly boring onesies.)

Spent more time on your tummy
Although you still hate it
And haven’t learnt yet how to interact with toys
Mostly because you just face-plant

Cemented yourself as part of this family
Just a little bit more. xx