For months, Arddun’s pretty much ignored all other babies and just honed in on adults. It’s a baby thing. I guess babies their age have nothing to offer in terms of entertainment – they’re equally immobile and have only one main mode of communication: bawling.

But then, Arddun got mobile. And her eyesight got better. And her sense of self and her surroundings got keener. And suddenly, other babies got interesting.

This is Enzo. We’ve met Enzo before – he was the the boy on the right who just missed out on getting his hand chewed.

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Went to Mother’s Group today and left her on the play rug with the rest of her mates while I went in search of delectable desserts to scoff my face with. (Didn’t have far to look. We eat ver-y well at Mother’s Group.) Apparently, my daughter belly-crept up to yet another boy, and then tenderly kissed his beautiful bald head. I missed the whole thing, and rather regretted my timing of the cupcake-scoffing.

Arddun, just so you have this on record: the first boy you kissed was Elliot. And he didn’t seem to mind. :)