The great thing about Mother’s Group is all that opportunity to try before you buy.

Arddun had a go in Jett’s Jolly Jumper last Tuesday. For the uninitiated, it’s a bouncy spring/cord thing you hang from a doorway. Your child is strapped in and half dangled in it so their feet just touches the ground. It’s like bunjee jumping without the falling off factor. Plus they look so cute.

The Jolly Jumping people take their product very seriously and recommend something ridiculous like 20 minutes a day “for the exercise”. Uh, no. It is a great babysitter, though. Arddun got quite a kick out of being able to stand “by herself”, and look around. We’re still not sure about impact to spine etc over long-term use so we remain undecided. But meanwhile, there’s a video. Of course.

Here’s Arddun, trying it out. Turn your speakers on for added effect. ;)