I looove my mother’s group. There will be a post in the near future, dedicated to the awesomeness of my mother’s group. Suffice to say, one of the very many perks I get is exposure to other very cool parenting ideas.

This week’s winner: bespoke nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

Charlie Bear’s Mommy – or Lisa, as we like to call her – revealed over a decadent lunch at Sirens this past week how she would change lyrics of well-loved nursery rhymes to include her daughter.


Round and round the garden
Like a Charlie Bear
One step, two step
Tickle under there

There are probably heaps more, but what I really found entertaining were the fairy tales. More importantly, the morals of the story.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Moral of the story: little girls shouldn’t break and enter.

The Three Little Pigs? Always build your house with brick, and beware of shonky builders. (Sticks and straw indeed!)


Decided to have a go, and…

The Boy who Cried Wolf – If you want to tell porky pies and get away with it, don’t be daft and tell the same lie five times in a row.

The Ugly Duckling – Late bloomers are often awesomer.

Hansel and Gretel – Don’t accept candy from strangers. Also, always have a risk management plan. One that doesn’t involve bread crumbs as a route marker.

Little Red Riding Hood – Bad guys lie. Sometimes, very badly.


Thought of any others I might find handy for Arddun’s education?