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18 January 2012

A daddy-daughter moment

As with many girls, Arddun has a pretty special relationship with her daddy.

We have a loud, groany back gate which we left groany so we’ll always know if someone’s coming in from the back of the house. Well, every evening – just when Arddun’s dinner is finished and I’ve about exhausted my repertoire of baby entertainment, we’ll hear that back gate groan and it’s like Santa at Christmas.

Tony’s back! I say. Daddy’s home! she thinks. Our eyes will lock, shine, and smile.

Here’s a video I took this evening, at the tail end of a laugh-fest so Arddun’s giggles are starting to peter out. She’s full as a goog and messy and tired, but so blissed out that she’s got an extra-long evening with dad because he got home early.

And Tony! Usually a stoic man of few words and possessing a very sharp and dry wit, had discovered that hiccups are very funny indeed.

Slapstick is always worthwhile when there’s a baby involved.

Month seven

Clearly, we need an action plan for the months going forward.

Photo 1:

Taken literally a second after I plonk her on the seat.

Photos 2 to 9: monthversary pose phail


Boundless, boundless energy interrupted only by two naps – if we’re quick enough to catch you after the first yawn and third eye-rub, and right before the drop off the cliff into Screaming Feralness (also known as the Point of No Return of sleep.)

You are a baby kisser, did I mention that? Except now, with your new-found crawling and climbing skills, you march over to where other babies congregate and with both your chubby hands, will proceed to grab a bald head and kiss/chomp its eyebrows.

You have learned to embrace me and the world – your arms thrown open in trusting innocence whenever you need a hug or a lift, your mouth stretched wide as soon as you realise there’s pumpkin or fruit to be had. You smile at strangers, always. You watch them in fascination and smile a little and a little, your penetrative baby stare boring the sides of their faces like a tiny beam of warm sun until they finally turn, and behold! Megawatt smile. You grin so hard, your cheeks turn rosy and taut and your eyes almost disappear, such is your focus on delighting your new friends.

You are fearless. You sit, so you must now crawl. You crawl, so you must now stand. You stand, so you must now walk. One flat foot forward, and then another. Wibbly-wobbly, but oh so determined. The tiled floor is hard and unforgiving, and yet you never seem fazed for too long. I have a little lamb, for everywhere I go, Arddun is sure to follow.

You are SO much fun to have around, truly.

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