As with many girls, Arddun has a pretty special relationship with her daddy.

We have a loud, groany back gate which we left groany so we’ll always know if someone’s coming in from the back of the house. Well, every evening – just when Arddun’s dinner is finished and I’ve about exhausted my repertoire of baby entertainment, we’ll hear that back gate groan and it’s like Santa at Christmas.

Tony’s back! I say. Daddy’s home! she thinks. Our eyes will lock, shine, and smile.

Here’s a video I took this evening, at the tail end of a laugh-fest so Arddun’s giggles are starting to peter out. She’s full as a goog and messy and tired, but so blissed out that she’s got an extra-long evening with dad because he got home early.

And Tony! Usually a stoic man of few words and possessing a very sharp and dry wit, had discovered that hiccups are very funny indeed.

Slapstick is always worthwhile when there’s a baby involved.