Velle: You know that place in Queensland? Woolloomoolloo?

Tony: ?

Velle: Woondimoodi?

Tony: [Starting to grin]

Velle: Woondoomoondi?

Tony: [Grinning harder]

Velle: You know the one I’m talking about! Woondoo-something. Mindi?

Tony: [Laughing silently]

Velle: Or was it moon? Moon-something! Woondimoondi!

Tony: [Not even trying AT ALL to help.]

Velle: You know what I’m talking about! The one in Queensland!

Tony: Mmmmphf!

Velle: Come on! The one in Queensland! Windi! Windimoondi!

Tony: I know there’s a Goondiwindi…

Velle: YES! GOONDIWINDI! Anyway, Nicole’s* going there to do her prac.


And I thought Singapore street names were hard.


*Nicole = Tony’s cousin, currently doing a double major in nursing and midwifery.