1. Second-hand toys and pram

Toy loot from Vinnies
Total outlay: $7.

As much as I love getting new stuff online, it is the hunt that really gets my heart all fluttery – which is why I still get my kicks rummaging through second-hand places. All new mothers notice that their shopping thumb (y’know… the one we use to ebay on our smartphones while breastfeeding) is now all about dressing up the baby and getting brain-enhancing toys. And so my op-shop shopping energies have gone in that direction as well.

Got 4 toys recently at the local Vinnies for a steal. Got a second-hand Maclaren Vogue with additional seat insert for $100 (RRP: $449). Going to Baby & Kids market this Saturday for more zany bargains. Gotta love Canberra. SO much recycling of quality goods here.

2. Mother of faith

I’ve always known that my mother is a woman of faith, and it is thanks very much to her that I’ve developed a faith of my own. But I think she has had some sort of steroid super-growth these 8.75 years I’ve been in Canberra. The words she uses have changed, the books she reads have changed, the number of mission trips has increased, and the overall consciousness that God is very much alive and a part of her life has grown. I don’t know if she agrees with me on this one, but I’ve definitely noticed the difference.

3. Inspiration to write

As some of you on Facebook might have noticed, I’ve gone a leetle bit berserk on my blog this January. Twenty-six posts in 31 days! *phew*

But as with any habit, it’s self-perpetuating and then it becomes second-nature. I’ve always loved writing – but I’ve not always been inspired. Now, you might not refer to any of my recent drivel as ‘inspired’ per se, but people – this is me, inspired. Sorry it’s not more awesome. But I’m stoked anyway.

Blogging has now become the time of day where I power down and focus within. And it’s heaps cheaper and more cathartic than shopping or seeing a shrink. It’s lovely that the words are flowing. For me, anyway. It’s bringing me a little closer to the Daydream – writing for a living. How cool would that be? Perhaps very cool. Perhaps not as cool as blogging. We’ll see.