Canberra drivers are a scary breed. I think it’s got a lot to do with all that space we have, and the expectation that our roads are near deserted about 85% of the day. We are a glorified country town with big city ambitions, so we’re torn between manically weaving in and out of traffic with our soccer mum cars… and parking like the world is our paddock.

These are just 2 examples of I-couldn’t-give-a-rat’s-tushie-about-anyone-else parking, taken 7 days apart.

Specimen 1: “Lines? What lines?”

Pick a lot. Any lot.

Specimen 2: “Your driving is getting in the way of my perfect park.”

Subject: dark blue car in background
The beauty of driving big cars: the world - and all its curbs - can be your very personal parking lot.
Benefit of doubt: maybe the driver REALLY had to pee.

BTW, the only reason I noticed specimen 2 was the backed-up traffic about 10 cars deep, gingerly trying to negotiate around that car in that narrow lane while avoiding oncoming traffic. Nice.