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March 2012


As usual, my family makes the most of a hairy situation.

Arddun wears grandma's wig
Test-driving Grandma Singapore's new wig for later.
Arddun wearing an orchid behind each ear.
"What. Are you. Doing to me."

Month Nine (in retrospect)

Yes, we’re 6 days late and in truth, her ninth month passed in a gaussian blur. The only things that stick out in my memory are her teeth (she’s grown her two front ones!) and the fact that if both my daughter and I were in a crawling drag race, my money would be on the baby because man, those chubby knees can move!

Arddun sitting in Daddy's lap with sign "I am 9 months old today!"
The requisite monthly pose, this time with daddy surreptitiously holding model and pre-crinkled sign in place.
Arddun sitting on sofa, propped up by one hand

Arddun crushing sign

P.S.: As you can probably guess from the hairdo, it’s uncomfortably hot in Singapore.


Ah yes. It’s hard enough travelling with baby, let alone blogging about it. Particularly when we are constantly on the go and Wireless@SG doesn’t always give us internet love. Also, blogging from an iPhone gets old very quick. My main problem is that I sorely lack access to a keyboard and a decent block of time to use it.

But I get ahead of myself.

Why are we in Singapore – that’s the question to answer first. And oh, why weren’t you told about it beforehand? That’s the other question. We had initially planned a week-long stay in Brisbane, a week-long return to Canberra so Tony could do some work in the office and so we could attend our Best Man’s Wedding, and then a fortnight’s Hello Singapore tour for Arddun in my motherland from late March to mid April.

But then we found out that my mother’s pretty sick, and she was going to undergo a major operation that freaked most of us out. And so we abandoned all afore-mentioned plans, hightailed outta Brisbane after we just got there, and now we’re here with our relatively tiny suitcases and just enough clothes to fool most people most of the time about our wardrobe situation.

There is so, so much to get off the chest… but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind thus far and we are only starting to get over Arddun’s jetlag. (More on that to come. Oh yes.) Anyhoo – thought I’d explain what the silence has been all about.

A bit of housekeeping:

  • If you’re in Singapore and want to catch up, our available hours are all over the place. We’re mostly free on Saturday and in the weekday evenings for dinner – the proviso being takeaway to have at my mum’s place, owing to Baby Not Adjusting to Foreign Land for Overnight Zzzz syndrome. Ping me on FB or email if you want to catch up soon.
  • If you’ve been thinking of and praying for me and my own – thank you. It has been a very confronting 3 weeks, to say the least. But I suspect that we’re all rallying remarkably well because we’ve been propped up by so much love and care. The amount of practical and gushy love my mother has received thus far is extremely touching because it shows me all the more how awesome she is.

Avec gros bisous xx

Dribs and drabs

Sorry for the radio silence – it’s going to be this way for a while. At least until we come back to Canberra. We’re in Singapore at the mo, and while the island had been interwebbed loooooong before Australia even started whimpering about FTTP… we find ourselves rather disconnected at the mo.

But it’s not as if the posts have dried up. I have tens of posts milling around inside my head every day. And I miss y’all.

The Lorax is coming…

I used to be scared of the Dr Seuss books. Too quirky, too creepy, too drug-induced-frenzy for my 5yo tastes. But Tony grew up on the stuff and he personally bought The Lorax for Arddun before she was born. Because it was one of his faves.

So since then, I’ve been reading The Lorax to her. And whodathunk that it has such a green message in it. Very modern cautionary tale about capitalism at the environment’s expense, really. Probably a bit too grown-up for her, methinks. As it is, she hasn’t quite grasped how her carbon footprint in disposable nappies ain’t doin’ the Truffulas any favours.

Anyhoo – just found out it’s coming to the big screens. Or perhaps it’s already showing. Sorry. Am a little slow on the uptake, seeing how movies here cost $17 each.

TTT- Cheer, Choice, Chocolate

1. Girly nights

Rosine hosting Hepburn quiz
Rosine hosting a Hepburn quiz. I knew none of the answers. Zip.

Had an Audrey Hepburn do last Friday evening that involved dressing up. Which, in Mother of Baby land, meant throwing on anything black I could find and still wear in my pre-baby wardrobe, and then silently thanking Big Fat for hosting a major dress-up dinner 3 years ago that involved long silk gloves and fake cigarette holders. I was trying to channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s… but only succeeded in looking like a Funny Face.

Still! Good fun to be had, and a loooot of food. I do not have any incriminating photos of myself, but there were some taken. Promise.

2.    Choices
Choices are tough sometimes. But I’ve been in situations where I’ve had too much choice, and then I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to love it or lump it. Both require lots of wisdom and courage. Tonight, our family’s received some news that requires lots of thinking and planning. We’ve got lots of tough choices to make, but I’m trying to be thankful that I have choices to begin with. Because it means we’re blessed and able.

3. Chocolate

Dark and brooding, like my mood

I’m having a pret-ty heavy night tonight. Lots of brain-hurting thoughts, hopes and prayers starting from last night, and that’s when I broke out the chocolate. I’ve been eating it since. I think it shows amazing self-control that I’ve managed to hold off the second half till tonight. But since tonight’s a heavy night, I’m polishing the rest of this bad boy off. So there.

Lindt’s Passion Fruit Intense? Dark chocolate with hints of tangy passion fruit and tiny crunchy bits of almonds. Hamana hamana hamana . It’s okay. I’m seeing the dentist on Monday.

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