1. Girly nights

Rosine hosting Hepburn quiz
Rosine hosting a Hepburn quiz. I knew none of the answers. Zip.

Had an Audrey Hepburn do last Friday evening that involved dressing up. Which, in Mother of Baby land, meant throwing on anything black I could find and still wear in my pre-baby wardrobe, and then silently thanking Big Fat for hosting a major dress-up dinner 3 years ago that involved long silk gloves and fake cigarette holders. I was trying to channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s… but only succeeded in looking like a Funny Face.

Still! Good fun to be had, and a loooot of food. I do not have any incriminating photos of myself, but there were some taken. Promise.

2.    Choices
Choices are tough sometimes. But I’ve been in situations where I’ve had too much choice, and then I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to love it or lump it. Both require lots of wisdom and courage. Tonight, our family’s received some news that requires lots of thinking and planning. We’ve got lots of tough choices to make, but I’m trying to be thankful that I have choices to begin with. Because it means we’re blessed and able.

3. Chocolate

Dark and brooding, like my mood

I’m having a pret-ty heavy night tonight. Lots of brain-hurting thoughts, hopes and prayers starting from last night, and that’s when I broke out the chocolate. I’ve been eating it since. I think it shows amazing self-control that I’ve managed to hold off the second half till tonight. But since tonight’s a heavy night, I’m polishing the rest of this bad boy off. So there.

Lindt’s Passion Fruit Intense? Dark chocolate with hints of tangy passion fruit and tiny crunchy bits of almonds. Hamana hamana hamana . It’s okay. I’m seeing the dentist on Monday.