Ah yes. It’s hard enough travelling with baby, let alone blogging about it. Particularly when we are constantly on the go and Wireless@SG doesn’t always give us internet love. Also, blogging from an iPhone gets old very quick. My main problem is that I sorely lack access to a keyboard and a decent block of time to use it.

But I get ahead of myself.

Why are we in Singapore – that’s the question to answer first. And oh, why weren’t you told about it beforehand? That’s the other question. We had initially planned a week-long stay in Brisbane, a week-long return to Canberra so Tony could do some work in the office and so we could attend our Best Man’s Wedding, and then a fortnight’s Hello Singapore tour for Arddun in my motherland from late March to mid April.

But then we found out that my mother’s pretty sick, and she was going to undergo a major operation that freaked most of us out. And so we abandoned all afore-mentioned plans, hightailed outta Brisbane after we just got there, and now we’re here with our relatively tiny suitcases and just enough clothes to fool most people most of the time about our wardrobe situation.

There is so, so much to get off the chest… but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind thus far and we are only starting to get over Arddun’s jetlag. (More on that to come. Oh yes.) Anyhoo – thought I’d explain what the silence has been all about.

A bit of housekeeping:

  • If you’re in Singapore and want to catch up, our available hours are all over the place. We’re mostly free on Saturday and in the weekday evenings for dinner – the proviso being takeaway to have at my mum’s place, owing to Baby Not Adjusting to Foreign Land for Overnight Zzzz syndrome. Ping me on FB or email if you want to catch up soon.
  • If you’ve been thinking of and praying for me and my own – thank you. It has been a very confronting 3 weeks, to say the least. But I suspect that we’re all rallying remarkably well because we’ve been propped up by so much love and care. The amount of practical and gushy love my mother has received thus far is extremely touching because it shows me all the more how awesome she is.

Avec gros bisous xx