Arddun on highchair with 10 month sign

This mini milestone blows my mind because it means she has spent a WHOLE MONTH more outside my tummy than in. Yes. When you are a mother of a firstborn – and a smitten mother at that – you spend way too many braincells clocking up wins like this one.

On Facebook, I’ve been faithfully taking photos of Arddun on her monthversary – which would be the 18th of each month. And then I string them altogether on the same photo album in Facebook. The idea was to park her in the same chair with the same el cheapo homemade sign next to her so that when I click really fast on the album, I could recreate some kind of fast-forward of her life over the months.

But as I’ve already mentioned in many other posts before this, my daughter doesn’t do Sit Still and Pose for Mommy particularly well.

Still, looking back over the last 10 months, it seems like Arddun was all-baby for ages and then BOOM! Month 10, suddenly grown up. Her hair especially. For months, my baby girl had spotted a gravity-defying comb that would make most cockatoos grow a complex, before the hair grew longer and went spaz.

But now, her hair’s almost long enough to tuck behind her ears. And we’re starting to develop a side part. And it’s coiffured. And neat. And just so.

And suddenly, she’s turning into a toddler. Or just about.

What other party tricks has she been up to… let’s just see…

She can now

  • High-five.
  • Blow a flying kiss (one per person only).
  • Wave good-bye.
  • Do a “Red-Indian whoop” (where she pats her mouth repeatedly so she goes, “A-whoo–ooo–ooo–ooo”).
  • Say “Daddy”, while looking at Mommy.
  • Say “Mommy”, while looking at Daddy.
  • Play peek-a-boo with any given cloth or paper.
  • Play peek-a-boo with her own hands, when not provided with any cloth or paper.
  • Stand on her own for 10 seconds. Like, nonchalantly.
  • Cover her mouth when she coughs.

Of course, you’ll just have to take my word for it because any attempt to catch her on video turns into a struggle for the actual camera.

Also, any carpet fuzz goes straight into her mouth, and she’s not remotely interested in walking yet. And who can blame her. She’s freakishly quick when it comes to crawling, and she’s now figured out how to grip items with her new teeth so transportation of toys while crawling is no longer an issue. Coupled with the aforementioned carpet fuzz swallowing, I’m wondering if my daughter secretly thinks she’s a cat.