Got on a plane alone with Arddun and flew to Brisbane with Virgin Australia. Fairly uneventful, apart from bumpy landing which resulted in Arddun clunking forehead on tray table unexpectedly. Very loud pronouncement of pain with tears (hers), followed by profuse kissing of forehead after having just applied two layers of lippy – base colour and sparkly conditioner (mine). Which only made daughter look like she’d been smacked across the forehead with a fairy wand.

Also a scary moment after disembarking, when they thought they never loaded the pram on board. Face fell, jaw slackened, tone of voice sharpened, mind raced to locate nearest Kmart and feasibility of hunching over $29 Dolly’s umbrella stroller with dignity (verdict: none). Otherwise, I thought Arddun flew well. Let’s just say it makes a huge difference having a spare seat beside you when flying solo with a young child.