We’ve been wanting Arddun to meet her extended Queensland relatives, and so it seemed a rather fitting thing to have her first birthday celebrated up north. And so we had a lovely afternoon tea after church on Sunday – a fairly chilled out affair, with a huge spread of desserts (my mother-in-law’s effort), some paltry attempt at decor (mine), and about 25 friends and family.

The decor
The decor I was telling you about. (Was supposed to be ladybug theme. I don’t think anyone got it.)
The family starts to gather
Chilling out and catching up
Playing Monopoly
Playing Monopoly (and expounding the virtues of the Star Wars version).
Birthday girl LOVES the outdoors, and spent most of the party in her grandpoppy’s beautiful garden.
Outdoors with Aunty Sal
Had a great time exploring the backyard with Aunty Sally-Ann.
Hibberds with Lim Sze Herngs and Gloriae
Catching up with old friends
Birthday cake and birthday girl
It’s time to blow out the candle!
Figuring out Great-Grandma's gift
Figuring out Great-Grandma’s very cool gift while Mommy grabs the next one.
Spending time with grand-uncle Martin
Hanging out with grand-uncle Martin
Reading the birthday card
Reading the birthday card very carefully…
A happy moment with Mommy
A happy moment with Mommy.