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3 July 2012

How to Shoot Your Kids

I do not have one of those monster cameras. Partly because Tony and I are very, very lazy when it comes to capturing family moments on camera but mostly because I know I can’t do it justice. It was a choice between Screenwriting for Screen or Photojournalism when it came to my electives and I kinda wish I had chosen the latter.

Hindsight 20/20, etc.

So, most of what you see here are photos taken with an iPhone. Not exactly the Rolls Royce of camera world, but the iPhone has the best inbuilt mobile camera I’ve had – ever. Even then, I wish sometimes I knew how to take fancy schmancy shots. And that I have the camera to do it.

Anyhoo – had a flick through this guy’s blog and now I am inspired. Not enough to throw $1,500 at a Canon. But enough to try weirder shots next time.

How to Shoot Your Kids: 8 Ways to Get Knock-Out Family Photos.

via How to Shoot Your Kids.

Austen Mini

In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m a huge fan of bonnet dramas – Jane Eyre being my absolute fave, although it goes without saying that I love Pride & Prejudice because it’s Bonnet Drama 101. Also, if you haven’t already inferred from the wonderful man I married, I like my heroes tall, monosyllabic, and broody.

Which is why Kate’s birthday gift for Arddun gets a special post all to itself. I find this blend of genres most inspired. MUCH better than the Darcy, Zombie Killer et al stuff that came through, what, 5 years ago?

Presenting… Baby Bonnet Dramas:

Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice counting primers
Learn to count to the classics!
1 from Jane Eyre, 2 from Pride & Prejudice
Jane Eyre on left: 1… 1 Governess! | P&P on right: 2… 2 Rich Gentlemen!
4 marriage proposals
Just my brand of humour. Although I think they left out the proposal from Mr Collins to Charlotte Lucas. Minor detail.
10... 10 thousand pounds a year!

These BabyLit board books were written by Jennifer Adams and you can get them on Amazon.

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