In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m a huge fan of bonnet dramas – Jane Eyre being my absolute fave, although it goes without saying that I love Pride & Prejudice because it’s Bonnet Drama 101. Also, if you haven’t already inferred from the wonderful man I married, I like my heroes tall, monosyllabic, and broody.

Which is why Kate’s birthday gift for Arddun gets a special post all to itself. I find this blend of genres most inspired. MUCH better than the Darcy, Zombie Killer et al stuff that came through, what, 5 years ago?

Presenting… Baby Bonnet Dramas:

Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice counting primers
Learn to count to the classics!
1 from Jane Eyre, 2 from Pride & Prejudice
Jane Eyre on left: 1… 1 Governess! | P&P on right: 2… 2 Rich Gentlemen!
4 marriage proposals
Just my brand of humour. Although I think they left out the proposal from Mr Collins to Charlotte Lucas. Minor detail.
10... 10 thousand pounds a year!

These BabyLit board books were written by Jennifer Adams and you can get them on Amazon.