It took me a full 2 hours before I dared to take a peek at the courtyard.

And then my heart sank.

Dug up dirt in courtyard
Evidence of late night excavation from dastardly intruder

This implies several things, of course.

  1. My troubles are not over.
  2. I might have trapped the wrong cat.
  3. The same cat has already been released and had wrecked furry vengeance in the wee (heh heh, geddit?) hours of this morning.
  4. I have to drive ANOTHER (50 x 2)km and do this ALL OVER AGAIN!

Today, I’m going to Magnet Mart to talk to a person about some serious repellents. Hopefully, they do not suggest I get a dog. Arddun will be ecstatic, but I will want to punch somebody.

UPDATE: Just checked with the RSPCA. Cat was retrieved yesterday afternoon and therefore probably released last night to say hello to our hedges. I’ve just booked a cage. We’ll do this all over again next week.