After 17 days in Singapore of predictable, fairly unchangeable weather, I’d almost forgotten how fickle Canberra’s weather can be. Got back to rather arctic Spring days earlier in the week (-3 to 13ºC), which finally warmed up to a delightful 21ºC yesterday. Perfect for slapping on the bathing costume for some fun in the sun with a friend!

Mummy and Arddun, the busy bee
Entirely coincidental: hair sticking out like feelers. Not so coincidental: mommy somewhere nearby whenever I’m in a funny costume.
Arddun in the doorway, front view
It’s a fine day outside.
Arddun at doorway, side view
You coming or what?
Arddun in bee costume, back view
Helloooo… let’s go outside already!
Alex in bathing costume, holding hose
My friend Alex, waiting for me in his backyard
Alex and Arddun watching water trickle
Trickling water – always fascinating stuff
Arddun and Alex, emptying containers
Let’s try it ourselves!
Arddun and Alex in wading pool, looking down
Hmm. Yes. Feet wet.