Until I arrived in Australia (and then some), I’d never been much of a coffee drinker. You have to understand that good percolated coffee hardly existed in Singapore before I got here, and much of my late teens and early twenties saw the arrival and take-off of Starbucks. Whose coffee, as coffee aficionados assure me, actually

Starbucks van with open door spells "sucks' instead of "Starbucks". Whoops.

So cut to 2003 when I arrived here, and whodathunk that Australia would be so serious about their coffee? My husband, for example, does not ever drink the instant stuff. No Nescafe Gold, nada. It’s perc, plunge, or tea.

Which brings me to the babyccino.

Until I had peers with children in Australia, I had no idea what a babyccino was. And then when I learnt of its existence, I wondered who’d pay upward of $2 for pretty milk foam. But as it turns out, the food and beverage industry obviously understands how to provide where there’s a demand. And the provision isn’t for milk foam, but for the experience of drinking milk foam topped with chocolate powder in a mini-mug just like mummy and daddy.

Now that Arddun is quite adept at drinking from a glass or cup like a big person, she wants in on the Saturday morning flat whites that Daddoh seems to enjoy.

Not usually parents to cave in on every polite request that Arddun makes (*tilt head*-More?-Pease?-More?-*frantic signing*-More?), I nevertheless caved on this one. Because let’s face it. Watching Arddun drink a pretend flat white like her Daddoh is heaps cute. At least it’s cute to me.

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