After Arddun turned 1, I got slack and stopped taking her pictures on her monthversary. Or at least, I stopped taking ones with an A4 sign of the milestone. I don’t think I’ve stopped taking photos of her, really. This digital age makes memory building much more affordable, but it also means I take lots and lots of photos of Arddun doing pretty much the same thing.

For instance, in the last 2 weeks I’ve taken waaaay too many photos of Arddun demolishing babyccinos.

First babyccino Second babyccino Third babyccino Fourth babyccino

But I digress.

THIS was the photo I took for Arddun’s 17th monthversary. No sign saying, “I am 17 months old today” for several reasons:

  1. I forgot all about the monthversary photo till after lunch.
  2. I procrastinated after lunch. And then I forgot.
  3. My baby is now way too cool to pose next to a daggy sign, doncha know?


Arddun watching telly with arms folded across her chest
One sock on and one sock off. Just like her mommy.

At 17 months, she (still) loves:

  • Kitty and Monkey, her two best machine-washable pals. In that order.
  • Babyccinos
  • Chasing bubbles
  • Splashing about in her clam shell pool
  • Birds, doggies, kitties, piggies, ducks, and sheep. In that order.
  • Imitating the occasional odd-sounding alert from my iPhone
  • Shoes, because it means we’re going out
  • Eating, although we draw the line at dodgy leftovers and cheap fish
  • Drawing. Or emptying the crayons onto the mat, saying “Oh no!”… and then cracking up
  • Singing Baa Baa Black Sheep. Recognisably.
  • Reciting her numbers and getting up to 6 (!)
  • Wiping her nose and then “blowing” it into a tissue. Except she keeps inhaling deeply. Same noises, only… backwards.
  • The potty. Except she’d really rather sit on it when fully clothed.
  • Saying “Oh no” and “Oh dear” when something goes wrong. Which is INFINITELY better than “Bl**dy” or “Sh*t” or the one starting with the letter F. *phew*

For some bizarre reason, I had gotten it into my head when writing the post that Arddun had turned a year and a half. Which is a huge-ish milestone to me (yet apparently not a big enough one to warrant a handmade poster and posing!) Might have something to do with sorting out her clothes yesterday, and thinking I shouldn’t get clothes sized 12-18 months because she’ll hardly get wear of them anymore.

Thanks to my mother who counts dates better than I do, this has been amended.

Seventeen months old, and I’ve lost track already! *Gulp*