I don’t know about you, but I have an email address for everything. Spam. Work. Lucky draw prizes. Secret pseudonym just in case I become a successful romance writer but am too sheepish to tell anyone. Just in case.

Anyhoo, I had created an email address for this blog so I could maintain some level of privacy (haha) and manage inbox sizes… but I still wanted important mail to flow through to my main Gmail account. Except I had set up the autoforwarding function, but didn’t do some final step. Which meant that I’d been under the impression I was getting email about my blog for months, when they’d all been sitting pretty in a secondary inbox.

Until today.

Long story short – I found out I had three completely random strangers drop by to say they liked my blog enough to want to engage with me. Okay, one of them dropped by just to say that she liked my writing – which made my day burst into even more sunshine in today’s 36°C heat. But the other two also wanted to do bloggy stuff with me. ME! I am stoked beyond comprehension. I am also kicking myself while wearing imaginary stud boots because the emails are all at least 6 months old. Which means I doubt either offer will still be standing now, given my extreme tardiness and inadvertent snubbery. But if you’re reading this, you and you, and don’t already think I’m desperate, please get in touch.

Moral of the story: do not set up an email account and a call to action at the bottom of your blog, and then blithely go on your way thinking no one is ever going to take you seriously. Always be thick-skinned enough to hope and expect.