I’ve been reading The Wonder Weeks off and on for a year. (Thanks, Saz V!) Great book to follow, as it outlines really useful details about growing children aged newborn to 20 months – namely, what their brain is going through, what skills they are capable of (or not), and what growth spurt they’re about to embark on. The book also flags what behavioural changes are coming up with the leap and so far, it’s proven bang on target for Arddun.

If you’re new to the baby thing as I am, I recommend getting this book. At the very least, it has helped reassure me that some of the rough behavioural patches Arddun goes through are perfectly normal, predictable, and can be managed – even harnessed for the greater good.

Anyhoo, Arddun is currently making a “leap” in her mental development – what the book calls the stage when a child crosses over from one mental and physical milestone to another. She is starting to figure out Systems – the concept that principles can be adjusted to fit circumstances. All rather technical speak but basically, she is starting to develop her notion of Self. She is starting to understand that she owns and controls her own body, that she can make decisions… and that she can therefore orchestrate things.

Welcome to the world of plotting.

So far, it’s resulted in some lovely things. Like how she waits for Tony to undress from work, before picking his clothes and trying to stuff them into the washing machine to get washed. And this morning, she started to try and dress herself.

Arddun wears her pink hat herself, and waves goodbye.
Missed the photo opp when she was walking around the house wearing her sandal (on her right), which she had put on herself. But hey, she’s put on her hat herself (backwards, but who cares!) and striking a modelesque pose.