If Arddun hadn’t woken up an hour earlier than usual, she wouldn’t have suddenly dozed off in the car at 11:15am instead of 1:00pm.

If she hadn’t dozed off at 11:15am, I would have gone to the Canberra Centre as planned, instead of deciding to lengthen the car ride by driving over to Fyshwick.

If I hadn’t headed over to Fyshwick, I wouldn’t have had mobile reception above ground because I would have been parking the car in the basement of the Canberra Centre.

If I hadn’t had mobile reception, I wouldn’t have heard the phone ring.

If Arddun hadn’t been sleeping, I wouldn’t have pulled over to the side of the road to turn the phone off.

If I hadn’t wanted to turn my phone off, I wouldn’t have noticed the caller.

And I wouldn’t have spoken to the director of the childcare centre of our first choice, and learnt that because another family had gotten an overseas posting, there is a vacancy in the toddler’s room. Would I be happy with three days a week next year?


I’m not one to view God as a bit of a genie in a bottle, or claim that every path we take in life is a direct result of godly scheming. (I believe more that God has control over everything, but He also created natural law, and He gave us all freedom of choice. He is not arbitrary and whimsical. More on that another time, perhaps.)

But having looked at how elegantly this had fallen in place… I can’t help but marvel.