Overheard yesterday around lunchtime, at the café we frequent…

Beautiful blonde 4yo girl: Mum, I’m hungry.

Mother: I think it’s time for your tea anyway.

(Which, in Australia,could mean any meal from morning tea right down to supper. I mean, who knows. I get thoroughly confused some days. But in this context and given the time of day – 12:15pm – it seems clear the mother is referring to actual lunch.)

Mother: (Looking at menu) So… what would you like to eat, sweetheart?

Daughter: Chips!

(Mother looks slightly vexed.)

Mother: Anything else?

Daughter: Um… ice chocolate. And ice cream. And a milkshake. And a lolly. And chips!


Mother: If I get you the chips, will you promise to eat all of it?

Daughter: Okay.