I’ve been getting rather slack with the photo-sharing, and so after some loving hints (“We’d like to see more photos of Arddun, please!”), I thought I’d load up some random photos of Arddun and caption what she’s been up to lately.

Arddun pats Sienna's head
Arddun loves babies. Unfortunately, what she thinks is a loving pat on the cheek often becomes an overenthusiastic head-squish-into-neck thing. My friends have been very patient with us. (Arddun with Sienna, 13 December 2012)
Hanging out with Shannon and Sally
3 grown women, 4 babies and tots = shopping bags + a lot of vehicular real estate. (From left: Shannon with Malia, Sally with Isla, and Arddun with “Ao-wie”.)
Arddun builds big tower
Lately, Arddun’s started building towers with blocks (wooden and life-sized), only to knock them down again in toddler glee. After this block, for instance, she took a running start from stage left and demolished her handiwork. 
First chocolate milk shake
It’s been so stinking hot, we finally relented that one afternoon and allowed a tiny sip of Tony’s milkeshake for the very first time. Boy, did she make that sip last… (Christmas Eve 2012)
Arddun at the aviary
The aviary at Gold Creek allows tiny tots to feed birds apple slices straight from their hot little hands. Unfortunately, this tot had a tendency to entice birds over with her apple slice, let the birds nibble at the edges, before snatching the slice off and scoffing it down. What a tease. (Christmas Eve 2012)
Arddun and Tony share some tea
Here’s Arddun getting a quick tutorial from her daddoh on how to serve high tea like a proper young lady. (Christmas morning 2012)
Mother and daughter
Enjoying a picnic at a playground/park in Albury. It was real hot that day. (New Year’s eve 2012)
Arddun and Alex in bumble bee car
Our nearest neighbour (in our mother’s group) and good pal, Alex.
Arddun pushing Alex in wagon
Here’s a better shot of Alex, with Arddun literally pushing him around. Taken 7 January 2013
Arddun on playmat during worship
We don’t always accomplish this, but most Sundays, Arddun will keep to her playmat and do some drawing or read her books. The challenge lately is to encourage her to do all those things without singing Row Row Row Your Boat. Taken 13 January 2013
Arddun honks Tony's nose
Arddun and Charlie sharing apples
This is another of Arddun’s friends, Charlie. They’re trying to share an apple. About 3 photos after this one, the bowl of apples mysteriously moves across to the corner chair behind Arddun… (Taken 19 January)
Charlie and Arddun drawing in the garden
Conversing in the shade while doing some landscape art.
Arddun wears green washing-up glove
Gloving up to wash dishes in sink. She hopes. (Taken today.)
Arddun's plaited hair - front view
Arddun’s hair got plaited today for the very first time! Handiwork by Sarah V. (Taken this afternoon)
Back view of plait
Back view of plaits. Cannot believe the little girl sat through the entire thing, while she’d wriggle around like a fish out of water when I so much as attempt to tie ONE miserable whale spout.