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May 2013

Daddy-Daughter Birthday Bash

Because Arddun’s birthday falls on the 18th of June and Tony’s birthday weekend also happened to be 18th May, we decided to put together a combined birthday celebration.

4-picture montage of Arddun at second birthday party
Birthday girl
Tony and Velle at 2nd birthday party
Birthday Boy and me
Tony and Arddun's birthday party guests montage 7 pictures
Some of our birthday guests
Cupcake-making station photo montage
Cupcake-decorating station
Party games photo montage
Games for one and all
Birthday cake photo montage
Labour of love by the talented and generous Audrey
Tony and Arddun's combined birthday door gifts in flower pots
Door gifts
Opening presents photo montage
Party loot (and I’m wondering how to ship it all back!)
Arddun fake sleeping
All tired out after a fabulous party!

I am the girl

A few years ago, The Cuz and I each took up the challenge of writing an internet meme titled “I am the girl”. Each of our memes started out  as a self-description, but quickly turned into a love letter to family and friends.

This was hers. This was mine.

Anyhoo… I just found a paragraph that my mother had written out in full on a piece of paper.

I am the girl who is always your girl. I am the girl who now lives across a slip of ocean and vast desert plains, and who still remains your girl. I am the girl who makes you cry when you think of my dying before you, who doesn’t always know how to deal with such candour, but who never, ever forgot. I am the girl who remembers Jesus in her upbringing because of you. I am the girl who has always needed your validation. I am the girl who yells at you in fits, and feels like an ogre later. I am the girl you stayed up nights to chat with – although mostly you listened and understood. I am the girl you played Rummy and chua-dai-di with, whom you taught over time how to win with grace and how to lose with good humour. I am the girl you’ve always defended against lashing tongues and sugar-coated deceit, even though I didn’t always take heed. I am the girl who is fast running out of gift ideas for you.

I guess my mother found her paragraph.

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