Yesterday turned out to be super productive for me in the long-run, which meant a lot of sitting on my bum to do paperwork, and then standing in long queues at banks, and then hogging a teller for about an hour each time. And poor Liz, sitting/standing/walking around, waiting for me.

So yes – nothing very much to report on the sightseeing front. But I did get to introduce Liz to roasted chicken rice, which she loved. And char siew rice, which she also loved. And Arddun’s typical breakfast in Singapore, which was the breakfast set at the hawker centre downstairs — 2 pieces of kaya-and-buttered toast, 2 eggs (runny, but made to toughen up for Liz), and hot tea… all for a grand total of SG$2.

The overhead lamp in my mother’s room had died overnight, which meant an unfruitful hunt for a circular fluorescent bulb in the daytime. Do you know how hard it is to find one of these babies in our modern day? I forgot how charmingly old-school my mother’s lamps are, but there you go.

Circular fluorescent bulb sitting on my mother's washing machine
The bulb that died: not the easiest to replace. But quite retro. And so is the checked washing machine cover underneath it! :)

Had a wander through IKEA after dinner, partly for the bulb, but mostly just to (re)introduce Liz to my favourite furniture shop…

Disco balls in girl's bedroom
Groovy lights and disco balls in girl’s bedroom. I’d like to do this for Arddun one day, although I suspect it’d really be for myself.

Liz had a hankering for chocolate at the day’s end, after all the yummy savoury food. So I happily complied with desserts at TCC. Kinda balked at posting photos of our food like Japanese tourists, so I’ll just say that her eyes rolled to the back of her head when she dipped into her chocolate lava cake.

In lieu of food photo, I’ll leave you with this Random.

Rose-covered bike
This is a kiddie-ride machine of a police bike that I spotted next to the escalators at Anchorpoint. Words fail me at this point.