Tony’s sister, Kerri is in town. It’s been 9 years since she last stepped foot in Canberra, so it was a lovely excuse to go visit the galleries and stand next to street art.

We went to the Portrait Gallery for lunch after church yesterday, and Penny and Graham joined us – a double happiness. I keep forgetting how I adore the shop in the Portrait Gallery. It’s filled with books of whimsy and fact, and is the one gift shop I would specifically journey to, just so I can score some quality gifts for special people. I mean, how many gallery gift shops can claim to have that sort of place in people’s hearts? Not many.

This is one of Canberra’s less questionable sculptures, probably because it was funded by Federal money and not the ACT government. Arddun was completely fascinated by these giant metallic pears. And because Tony’s sister is in town, we finally have another pair of hands willing and able to take a family shot.