Tony’s sister Kerri came to stay with us for a week, which threw routine out the window in the best way possible. I haven’t done the touristy thing for years now, so it was lovely to revisit the usual tourist haunts – the gallery, the museum, the War Memorial. We even took a leisurely cruise on Lake Burley Griffin and had a rundown of Canberra’s odds and ends from the skipper with the driest sense of humour.

Arddun, Kerri, Penny and Hayley on the train at Cockington Green
With Aunty Kerri, (Grand) Aunty Penny and Hayley on the train at Cockington Green

(Hayley had just been advised by her grandma that it is best to keep her arms and legs in the train by “waving like the queen”.

Arddun did not get the memo.)

Kerri posing as wonder woman
January, as Kerri and I have both determined, is a fabulous month for preparing for change. Still bringing 2014 on…

It’s been building up to a proper Summer, which means sweltering burns of up to 40°C. We have therefore rediscovered ice-cream in a big way. A former colleague owns and runs Stripey Sundae in Gold Creek, and Arddun and I had such a lovely maiden visit with Kerri last week, that we got the Mother’s Group over yesterday for a glorious icy-cold binge.

Arddun eating salted caramel ice cream in Stripey Sundae
Salted butter caramel ice-cold goodness
Kerri and Arddun sitting on the bed
Thanks for visiting, Aunty Kerri! Come back soon!